To utilize the layaway option when making a purchase, please note the following conditions:

An upfront deposit of 25% of the total purchase price is required.

The layaway period is strictly 6 weeks (42 days) from the initiation of the layaway.

We will hold the item for you until the final payment is made within the specified 6-week period.

During the first week of the layaway period, you have the following options:

a. You may cancel the layaway and receive a full refund if done within 48 hours of initiating it. You can cancel by calling us, emailing us, or visiting us in person.

b. Within the next 5 days after the initial 48-hour period, you have the option to transfer the layaway to another item or receive in-store credit for the deposit amount. If the new item has a higher cost, you will need to pay the difference of the 25%. However, if the new item costs less, there will be no partial refund for the difference. The full initial deposit amount will be transferred to the new item.

Failure to make the final payment on time within the 6-week period will result in the following consequences:

a. The initial deposit will be forfeited.

b. The layaway will be cancelled.

c. Up to 50% of payments made after the deposit may be lost.

The warranty for the item will commence on the day of the final payment.

Please ensure that you make the final payment within the specified 6-week period to avoid any forfeiture of payments and to activate the warranty. If you have any questions or need assistance with the layaway process, please don't hesitate to contact us.