Are you in need of some short term cash? If so and you have an item which you are prepared to sell to us ,with an option to buy it back then this service may suit you.

So how does the Buyback service work?

  • First things first! You need a trading account. To set this up we require valid photo ID & proof of address. This takes minutes. 
  • Simply call into our store with an item of value. This can be anything from a laptop or camera to scrap gold & other precious metals. 
  • We will inspect your item(s) and make you an offer if we feel it is something we can sell in the case you do not return. 
  • If you accept, we will then proceed to carry out an inspection & functionality test to ensure any item(s) are in full working condition. 
  • We will then make payment of the offered amount and you will receive a receipt which requires your signature. 
  • From the date of the ticket, you will have 28 days to return and redeem your item(s).
  • You may also chose the option to extend them for another 28 days. This option requires the Buyback fee to be paid before the original tickets expiary date. 
  • After 28 days, if the item(s) in question are not redeemed, they will be made available for general sale to the public. 

 For Terms & Conditions click here 

    Any item(s) you bring into our store to trade against  will be recorded via CCTV and a detailed description including serial numbers, model numbers & any other additional information such as cosmetic condition (for identification purposes) will be registered under your account.