Grade A+

The item is in superb condition, showing only very minimal signs of use and wear. It comes complete with the original box and the original charger/power supply. In some cases, this Grade may also indicate "never used".


Grade A

The item is in excellent cosmetic condition, displaying minor signs of use and wear. It may include packaging (if mentioned) and a power supply or any other necessary accessories.


Grade B

The item is in fair to good condition and comes with the required accessories. However, it does not include the original packaging, and some accessories may not be original from the manufacturer.


Grade C

The item is in fair cosmetic condition and functions perfectly, unless otherwise specified. It may have missing accessories and packaging. Grade C products will show many signs of use such as scratched screens, minor defects on the product body etc...


Grade F

Items assigned a Grade F function properly but may have a feature rendered unusable because of a physical or software issue. A product only receives a grade F if the impaired feature can be accessed via an alternative method. This grade does not account for cosmetic appearance. To assess the item's cosmetic condition, please refer to the images provided in the advertisement.



Please note that these are general guidelines, and we recommend thoroughly reading the product page to understand the condition, along with the accompanying pictures provided.