What is Layaway?

So, you see something in our store or on our website that you would like to buy.

However, you do not have the price of it right now. No problem! Layaway allows you to place an initial deposit (25%) and pay the balance over a 2 month period. It's that simple. 

Is there any additional cost for this service? 

Yes & No. 

If you avail of this service in store, you deal directly with us & there is not extra charge. If a product cost €100 you only pay €100. 

However, if you complete this on our website, you will be carrying out this transaction with a partner of ours and they charge a small fee. (This fee depends on the amount you are spending) 

Can I take my product while paying instalments? 

No. We can only release the item when payment has been made in full. If you prefer to get the product straight away and pay it off later, then our finance option is for you. Click here for more information

How do I choose this option?

At the checkout, you will see an option "put it on lay-buy". Click this option and you will be redirected to our partners website where you can complete the transaction. Only PayPal can be used for this service online. A small fee is charged and this amount depends on the cost of your order. You will see this amount quoted before confirming your order. 

Note: If you avail of this service in-store, then no fee is charged and you pay only the amount on the price tag!