Xiaomi, Mi City Sling Bag, Waterproof - Dark Gray

Color: Dark Grey


The Xiaomi Mi City Sling Bag combines style and practicality with its non-slip zipper design, convenient storage compartments, and 4L capacity.

- Features large internal storage compartments
- Internal pocket that is perfect for storing your 7" tablet
- Adjustable shoulder straps for your comfort
- Minimalistic, non-slip zipper design
- Generous 4L capacity
- Waterproof
- Many compartments for easy organization of the content inside

Keep your belongings organized with the Xiaomi Mi City Sling Bag, which features a large internal storage compartment that is perfect for holding bookings, mobile phones, and wallets. The internal storage compartment also features a thick sleeve, designed to keep your tablet safe and in place. In addition to these convenient storage features, the Xiaomi Mi City Sling Bag is equipped with a thick shoulder strap, that can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

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