PS4 & Xbox Controllers for Parts



Please note that the table below outlines the issues we have encountered so far. Additional issues may exist that are not listed here.

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1 Left Stick Drift
2 L3 Is Not Working
3 Left Stick Drift + L2 Not Working
4 No Battery,R2 Button Missing, No Screws
5 Non-Original Controlloer, L3 Not Working 
6 No Battery / Battery Not Working, L3 & R3 Not Working
7 Battery Not Working
8 No Battery / Battery Not Working , No Screws
9 Left Stick Drift , Touch Pad Not Working
10 No Battery / Battery Not Working , No Screws
11 No Battery, No Screws , L2 & R2 Missing
12 Left Stick Drift , Battery Cover Missing
13 Left Stick Drift, RB Not Working

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