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This is a portable LCD digital microscope, with intelligent universal support, super bright and powerful, can be adsorbed on the surface of glass / ceramics / marble / plastic board and others,

It’s also a excellent repair helper with easy operation: 600X Digital Microscope Magnifier 4.3 Inch LCD Screen Magnifying Video Camera with LED Light Buitl-in Battery.

The microscope features 8 built-in LEDs with brightness adjustment, allowing you to set desired level of illumination, and a measuring scale.

It has a reset button so that you can restart the microscope when something wrong come out. And other functions like moving detecting, if something access to it then keep static, it will open the video function and then automatic recording without any manual operation.

Images and videos obtained during your observations are saved to a microSD card.

When the distance of the lens from the object is about 15mm, the magnification is the largest, the larger the distance, the smaller the magnification.

Produced images may also be easily transferred to a PC monitor or even a TV screen .

When connected to a PC, the microscope is powered via USB port. Please launch the installed software only when your microscope is connected to a PC and ready for observations.

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