2 x Macbook Air A1369



2 x Macbook Airs
Model: A1369
Warranty: None 

There is a charger provided with each Macbook (1 UK & 1 USA Charger)
Please note that both charging cable leads have exposed insulation due to wear & tear but are in working order. If these are to be used in their current condition, we strongly recommend using new or fully insulated chargers. 
Known errors for each device are as follows:
Macbook 1, S/N C02GJ307DJWV  
  • The up and right arrow keyboard keys no longer work (An external keyboard can be used via USB)
  • Poor battery performance (Battery is replaceable)

Macbook 2, S/N C02F32AMDDR4

  • This device does not turn on

Important Notes:

The details set out above are known issues. It is possible that other errors may be present with either device. As this is listed under our "Assorted Parts" section, our parts policy applies.


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