Xiaomi Mi Smart AI Speaker

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Product description Xiaomi Mi Smart


New Metal Body:
- 10531 sound holes Touch-sensitive button
- The warm matte fine stone base, supporting a 0.7mm metal body, looks cool and feels very comfortable

Aurora Light Strip:
- With the rhythm of music 16 million gradient streamers
- The soft LED lamp beads are evenly arranged to form a slender light strip. 16 million colors converge into an aurora lighting effect, with the graceful rhythm of the music, light up your mood in the quiet night.

DTS Professional Tuning:
- Real human hearing debugging
- Three sound effect modes

Stereo 2.0:
- Support Blue-tooth stereo
- Support simultaneous playback of the whole house.
- With two combination stereos, your room is a concert hall.

Ingeniously modulated speakers:
- 2.5-inch full range speaker Wool paper hybrid diaphragm U -shaped duct bass enhancement

The third generation of Xiao Ai:
- New self-developed emotional tone Get close to the network Voice remote control smart home
- Voice Remote Control

Ingenious modulation sound unit:
- The sound wave started from this 2.5-inch full-range loudspeaker and has been tempered by a unique formula and scientific calculations.

DTS professional tuning:
- DTS, which creates sound effects for Hollywood, specifically polishes the sound quality of this speaker. Choose from three modes: vocal, gentle, and bass.

The third generation of Xiao Ai:
- The smooth and natural Xiaomi self-developed emotional tone, with a variety of emotional expressions, will be shy and cute.

Get close to the network:
- The newly purchased Xiaomi speakers, Xiaomi mobile phone can start networking

Continuous dialogue:
- Talk freely with Xiao Ai, no need to wake up repeatedly

Wake up nearby:
- If there is more than one in the house, there will be no ´´one answer´´ The most suitable response will be selected automatically.

One sentence remote control 2000 + smart home appliances:
- The world´s leading Xiaomi IoT platform has over 235 million connected devices. It also supports 89 other IoT platforms such as Philips and Oppo, with built-in Blue-tooth MESH gateways to help Blue-tooth devices such as door locks and light bulbs network.


- Dimensions: 131 mm x 104mm x 151mm
- Weight: 853g

Key introduction:
- Volume
- Play/Pause
- Disable MIC
- + Volume

Wireless connection:
- WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, support IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocol
- Bluetooth 4.2 supports A2DP music playback

Support system:
- Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 above

- DC 12V / 1.5A

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