Xiaomi Mi Heater 1S

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Smartmi specializes in creating modern and intelligent home products. If you live in a country where the seasons are part of your life, we are sure that,like most, you always will be greatly affected by the winter season. While several regions of the world are almost in summer, there are others, as is the case of the Asian continent, where they are welcoming winter. A heater with excellent features has security measures to prevent overheating and accidents related to this. It is compact in size with a dimension of 69.4*44.8*20.2cm, no glare, do not-disturb intelligent anti-tip switch, dump automatic power off Temperature control switch + temperature fuse, double protection, more secure Intelligent constant temperature control,45 degree wide angle air supply Cold and warm air indicator, one-button switch, warm in winter and cool in summer Detachable air filter, strip texture easy to clean. Perfectly applied for: bedroom, desk, warm feet, living room,bedside table.


Smartmi Electric Heater 1S Fluent Air Flow Convection heating / Energizing heating / Non-inductive mute / Dual security protection.
* Safety Priority: ABS Fireproof Auto shut off when dumping or exceeding High temperature
Dual security protection, high-temperature outage, and Dumping outage.
Fireproof enclosure, more flame retardant material. Intelligent anti-tip switch, automatic power off when dumping, safe to use.
* Three gears for adjustment: 900W/1300W/2200W. Fast Heating Max.2200W heating power, 10-15m3 application area
* Alloy heating element, 0.6mm thick high-end metal material forged the shell is reliable and durable.
* Constant Warm Wind
Distributes the heat evenly in the indoor space
Heat evenly, not dry, the air circulation flow. warm breeze blow the face.Give you consistent warmth and comfort, intelligent thermostat control.
* No Glare, No Harm to Eyes
Adopting convection high Heating efficiency technology, no glare, no interruption.
* Temperature Control with Safe Switch
Temperature control switch + temperature fuse, double protection is safer.
* Easy to operate, A good present for family
Cold and warm key switch, warm in winter and cool in summer, temperature free. Removable air filter, strip texture easy to clean.
* Low Noise, no wind, Automatic heat dissipation air flow.


  • Brand: Smartmi 
  • Model: DNQ04ZM
  • Heating method: Air Flow Convection heating
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated power: 2000W
    • Gear 1: 900W
    • Gear 2: 1300W
    • Gear 3: 2200W
  • Product size: 69.4*44.8*20.2cm
  • Package Weight: 6.5kg (14.33lb.)
  • Package Size: 78cm x 48cm x 13cm (30.71in x 18.90in x 5.12in)
  • EU Plug

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