Pro Co Turbo RAT (Grade B)



  • Grade B
  • 6 Months Warranty

Key Features

  • Most Intense Pedal Within The RAT Family
  • Distortion, Filter & Volume Controls To Shape Ideal Sound
  • More Than Double The Maxium Output Of The Original RAT Pedal
  • Delivers Fierce Yet Bright Overdriven Effect
  • True Bypass Eliminates Signal Interference When Not In Use

The Pro Co Turbo RAT Distortion Pedal is packed with more than double the maximum output of the Original RAT Pedal, making it the most aggressive pedal within the RAT family. The Turbo RAT allows players to create their own intense distortion effect, with the help of 3 simple to use controls. The controls include Filter, Distortion and Volume, and together they offer versatile tonal shaping with ease. For guitarists who require a huge, nasty sound that has plenty of gain output, and is certain to be heard through the mix; the Pro Co Turbo RAT Distortion delivers a versatile performance. The Pro Co Turbo RAT features the classic RAT construction that is incredibly heavy duty, and is equipped with an industrial footswitch, knobs and casing; to ensure that the Turbo RAT will withstand heavy stomping whilst on the road.

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