Motorola Smart Nursery Cam



The Motorola Smart Nursery Cam Baby Monitor Camera has a whole range of features that will give you the confidence you need whilst your baby is peacefully sleeping, relaxing or playing in their nursery. With sleep quality monitoring and included smile and cry detection, you will be kept up to date via the Hubble Connected for Smart Nursery App that is available from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You can always be connected to your baby and their environment via your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere at anytime.

With the use of various tracking features, you can discover what most affects the quality of your child’s sleep through the helpful information featured on the dashboard. This will log various factors such as sound, movement, humidity and temperature (each highlight the positive or negative effect that it may have upon your little one throughout the night). This monitor will provide you with all the information you need in regards to health, happiness and well-being. The built-in pan and tilt means that you can also view your baby from the perfect angle, whenever you need to.

The Motorola Smart Nursery Cam Baby Monitor Camera also lets you enjoy quick and easy movement from room to room in your home and various locations with this portable, wireless camera. This allows you to use this as a standalone camera, or as an additional camera unit for the Motorola Smart Nursery 7. A lead is provided for charging and for power if using the mains is your preferred power option.

With the download of the Hubble Connect for Smart Nursery App, you can add a range of other baby essentials – creating the perfect baby system that is fully accessible on your smartphone or tablet.

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