Egg Cooker | 3 Pcs | 210 Watts

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With this Nedis® egg cooker you’ll have perfect hard, medium or soft boiled eggs ready in no time - even with hectic mornings or if you’re a kitchen novice.
Simply add the right amount of water with the included jug. Poke a hole in each egg with the integrated egg piercer on the back of the jug so they won’t crack during cooking.

There’s room to boil 3 eggs. The egg boiler does all the monitoring of time and temperature for you so you can get yourself to do other things in between. If the buzzer sounds, you’re all set to enjoy eggs exactly to your preference. No more greyish blue egg yokes due to overcooking.
Starting your day with a hearty breakfast couldn’t get any easier!


• Boil up to 3 eggs as preferred - soft, medium or hard • On/off switch - leave the egg cooker plugged in • Non-electric parts (lid and rack) are dishwasher safe • Sleek design - high-quality stainless steel • Compact, rectangular design - easy to store away • Loud buzzer - warns you when your eggs are ready


Product specifications

Power plug Schuko / Type F (CEE 7/7)
Colour Aluminum/Black
Feature On/Off Switch
Indicator Lights
Dishwasher-Safe Parts
Input voltage 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Cable length 0.6 m
Material Stainless Steel / Plastic
Power 210 W
Maximum capacity 3 Eggs

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