Cayin YB04 in Ear Monitors




  • Knowles/Sonion BA Combination
  • CNC Aluminium Enclosure
  • 8-wire Unidirectional Crystallised OFC x Silver Alloy cable
  • High Quality 3.5mm Gold Plated Connector
  • Hexagon Design Aluminium Splitter
  • Gold-plated 0.78mm 2-pin Connectors

Perfect Tuning is
Patience + Understanding of Sound

Cayin have selected the right drivers and adopt the most suitable aluminium nozzle. They've designed and build the CNC enclosure around the drivers. Cayin spend months of auditioning to determine the crossover deisgn and finally they build their very own YB04 headphone cables with a unique combination of high quality materials.

Engaging, Powerful and Natural
"As swift as the wind, as gentle as the forest.
As fierce as fire, as unshakable as a mountain..."

Cayin don't emphasise or enhance, they only reproduce the original. They don't offer appealong resolution but place you there in person.

Designed for precision.
The Cayin Quad Balanced Armature system is constructed with dual Knowles and dual Sonion high definition balanced armature drivers, with a carefully tuned crossover design. Oustanding clarity and musicality across the complete frequency band. Delivers subtle and intimate emotion from every note.

Exceptional Quality Machined CNC Aluminium Enclosure
• Solid build quality in a robust matte black finish.
• Jointless structure, reduced resonance and rippling effect between drivers.
• Extremely strong aluminium nozzles with dust filters.
• Custom-developed housing and curvature from months of studies.
• Comfort, isolation and secure wearing even with smaller ears.
• Angled nozzle to fit, earpiece into your ears naturally.

Custom built "Highway" to Fidelity 8-wire Hybrid Design Headphone Cable
Unidirectional Crystalised OFC x Silver Alloy
Bringing out the best audio performance the YB04 goes through a special annealing and recrystalisation process. Superior ductility and flexibility, minimal stethescope effect.

Your PRIVATE Room,
Anytime, anywhere.

Put on your YB04s,
Press the Play button,
Instantly immerse in your
portable listening room.
Enjoy your music
In a sealed world.


High Quality 3.5mm Gold Plated Connector
• Resistance to corrosion or oxidation
• Soft mating surfaces to increase contact area.
• Maintain good connections and minimise transmission loss over time.

Down-to-Earth Implementation
• Hexagon design aluminium splitter and connector casted from custom mold.
• Maintain high level of conformity with the faceplate of the earpiece.

Gold-plated 0.78mm 2-pin connectors
• Non-recessed extruded design.
• Maximum compatibility and robustness.



Earphone type In-Ear Monitor
Driver Units 4 Balanced Armature Drivers
2 Knowles Tweeters
2 Sonion Woofers
Frequency Response 18hz ~ 40kHz
Impedance 30Ω
Sensitivity 113dB @1kHz ±2dB
Enclosure Machined CNC
Aviation Aluminium Alloy
1.3m Headphone Cable Unidirectional Crystalised OFC
(30 Core Wire *0.05+300D*4)
Silver Alloy
(30 Core Wire *0.05+300d*4)
Input Connector ø3.5mm TRS Single-Ended
Earphone Connector 2-pin 0.78mm

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