• I agree to sell the item(s) listed on this ticket for the amount stated on this ticket.
  • I Declare that I am over 18 years of age.
  • I Declare that I have received the sum shown above in full settlement of the item(s) listed above.
  • I Declare that the item(s) are my own property, that they are not subject of any rental, hire-purchase or other instalment credit agreement and that no other person has the rights over or interest in the item(s).
  • I Understand that once the purchase price is paid to me, Cash Creators will become the owner of the item(s), that they no longer belong to me, and I will have no right to reclaim the item(s) back.
  • I Understand that it is my Responsibility to carefully read and understand all terms & conditions associated with this service. I also understand that failure to do so, may result in the loss of item(s) used to avail of any service offered by Cash Creators.
  • I Understand that any of my details may be shared with An Garda Siochana at any such time it may be requested.
  • Any person attempting to trade in stolen item(s) will immediately be reported to An Garda Siochana and your account (if any) will be permanently disabled.


Any item(s) you bring into our store to trade against  will be recorded via CCTV and a detailed description including serial numbers, model numbers & any other additional information such as cosmetic condition (for identification purposes) will be registered under your account.